The most planted grapes in France

The French viticulture is considered by the experts as exemplary. France is linked to the best quality wines and perhaps as a stereotype of the French glamour and gastronomy. Nevertheless, today is no longer the largest country in the area of vineyards, even with 785,000 hectares in area under vines is the 3rd one after Spain and China. However, only 5 grapes make almost the half (48%) of the vineyards of France.

Merlot is the most planted grape due to the Bordeaux wine region where is well spread and followed by Ugni Blanc which is very popular for the distillation in Cognac and Armagnac. The Grenache and Syrah founded in the regions of Languedoc-Roussillon and Rhône Valley. And finally, Chardonnay mainly planted in Burgundy and Champagne. 

These are the numbers of the 5 most planted grapes in France:

In hectares, (% of the total surface)

1.- Merlot 109,900 (14%)
2.- Ugni Blanc 78,600 (10%)
3.- Grenache
 76,900 (10%)
4.- Syrah 62,800 (8%)
5.- Chardonnay 47,100 (6%)

Others 52% including table grapes and vitis vinifera.


Source: OIV / https://winemots.wixsite.com/winemots/single-post/2017/11/29/Most-planted-grapes-France?__twitter_impression=true