Malbec grape constitutes 62 percent of Argentina

A undated picture shows a worker harvesting Malbec vine grapes during the vintage 2008 season at the province of Mendoza, Argentina, near the Andean chain of mountains, some 1000 km west from Buenos Aires.

Argentina's most popular grape variety Malbec constitutes 62 percent of the South American country's total wine exports to 127 countries, the Minister of Agribusiness said Monday at the opening ceremony of the Malbec Week.

Major representatives of the Argentine wine sector met in Buenos Aires on Monday for this event, in which Agribusiness Minister Luis Miguel Etchevehere called for further promotion of this strain of grape, which puts Argentina in a "showcase before the world."

In a statement, the Ministry of Agribusiness indicated that the production of Malbec in Argentina now reaches 40,401 hectares, and its production in 2017 was 300 million liters.

"Wine is an example of the integration of an entire chain in which value is added," said Secretary of Family Farming, Coordination and Territorial Development, Santiago Hardie.

The president of the National Institute of Viticulture (INV) Carlos Tizio stressed the "need to protect and maintain the diversity of genetics" of the Malbec grape, a strain that was introduced to Argentina in 1853 and revolutionized the wine industry in the country.

Until Apr 22, the Malbec Week will feature activities related to this particular variety of grape from several Argentine vineyards.

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